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Figure 1

From: Attainable region analysis for continuous production of second generation bioethanol

Figure 1

Candidate attainable region for enzymatic hydrolysis in a bi-dimensional space of cellulose conversion and glucose yield. Gray arrows correspond to the rate vector field, r(c). Blue arrows indicate the direction of the rate vector along the reactors trajectories. The ARc is bounded by a PFR from F to A, a mixing line connecting points A and B to fill in the non-convex trajectory of the PFR and the mixing line connecting A and B. Every point inside this region is attainable using a suitable combination of reactors and mixing, but no point can be achieved outside it (in the complement of the ARc). Letters in italics above the fed streams to each reactor correspond to its composition, while the letters above the outlet streams denote all the composition produced for different residence times.

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