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Table 1 Rate balance equations per compound for cSHF and cSSF operations

From: Attainable region analysis for continuous production of second generation bioethanol

Processes Operations Rate equations ( r( c) vector)
cSHF (1) Enzymatic saccharification r S  = - r1 - r2
   r B  = r1 - r2
   r G  = r2 + r3
  (2) Ethanol fermentation r x = r x F
   r G = r G F
   r P = r P F
cSSF 1 and 2 r S  = - r1 - r2
   r B  = r1 - r2
   r G = r 2 + r 3 - r G F
   r x = r x F
   r P = r P F
  1. Reaction rates for enzymatic saccharification are from Kadam et al. [24]. For glucose fermentation reaction rate definitions are presented in the text. Process cSSF combines both reaction rates through glucose as a common intermediate.