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Table 1 Ethanol distillation of the fermented sweet sorghum bagasse

From: A novel cost-effective technology to convert sucrose and homocelluloses in sweet sorghum stalks into ethanol

  Normal distillation Distillation with 10% (w/w DM) NaOH
Before After Before After
Sample mass for distillation (g) 4000 4962 4076 4828
Ethanol content in the sample (g/100 g WMa) 6.01 0.02 5.69 0.02
Ethanol in sample (g) 240.6 0.9 231.9 0.9
Recovered ethanolb (g)   239.0   230.8
Ethanol recovery (%)   99.5   99.5
  1. aWM represents the wet mass of sweet sorghum bagasse; bThe mass of recovered ethanol is calculated by the concentration (g/mL) of the distillate multiplied by the volume (mL) of the distillate. DM, dry mass.