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Figure 6

From: A synthetic biology approach for evaluating the functional contribution of designer cellulosome components to deconstruction of cellulosic substrates

Figure 6

Superdex 200 gel filtration fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) elution profile of a designer-cellulosome complex composed of three chimaeric C. thermocellum enzymes, 9K- a, 48S- t and 8A- b, assembled on a trivalent chimaeric scaffoldin (Scaf19N) without intermodular linkers. The elution profile of each of the single components was used as a marker. The curves are labeled as follows: (a) 8A-b: green, 51.6 kDa, (b) 48S-t: red, 81.6 kDa|, (c) 9K-a: blue, 101.4 kDa, (d) scaffoldin 19N: magenta, 66 kDa, and (e) designer cellulosome complex: black with gray filling. The gel on the bottom shows the SDS-PAGE analysis of the designated elution fractions of the designer cellulosome complexes.

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