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Table 1 The engineered K. marxianus yeast strains used in this study

From: Assembling a cellulase cocktail and a cellodextrin transporter into a yeast host for CBP ethanol production

Strain name Selection marker Description
KY3   KY3 wild type
KY3-NpaBGS amds KY3 transformed with the NpaBGS-pKlac2 vector
KY3-NpaBGS-CDT Kan, amds KY3 co-transformed with the NpaBGS-pKlac2 and CDT-GFP-pKlac2 vectors
KR5 Kan KY3 co-transformed with the kanMX, cbhI, egIII, gfp, and npabgs genes
KR7 Kan KY3 co-transformed with the cbhII, cbhI, egIII, eglA, kanMX, cdtI-gfp, and npabgs genes