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Figure 4

From: Bacteriophage-encoded lytic enzymes control growth of contaminating Lactobacillus found in fuel ethanol fermentations

Figure 4

λSa2 and LysA exolytic activity in mock fermentations of corn fiber hydrolysates inoculated with L. fermentum and L. reuteri. a) Hydrolysate inoculated with 1x104 CFU/ml L. fermentum isolate BR0315–1 and treated with λSa2 endolysin at 250 ng/μl (red), 75 ng/μl (green), 25 ng/μl (purple) and LysA at 25 ng/μl (blue), PBS buffer control (black). b) Hydrolysate inoculated with 1x107 CFU/ml L. fermentum isolate BR0315-1 and treated with 25 ng/μl (purple) λSa2 endolysin, PBS buffer control (black). c) Hydrolysate inoculated with 1x104 CFU/ml L. reuteri strain B-14171 and treated with LysA at 760 ng/μl (orange), PBS buffer control (black). Data represent the average of four plate counts (n=4) ± SEM.

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