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Table 1 Characteristics of recombinant xylanase of T . thermarum

From: A novel highly thermostable xylanase stimulated by Ca2+ from Thermotoga thermarum: cloning, expression and characterization

Property Recombinant Xyn10A
Specific enzyme activity 145.81 U mg-1
Optimum temperature 95°C
Optimum pH 7.0
Thermal stability (55-85°C) 2 h
Molecular weight 131 kDa
K m 2.57 mg mL-1
V max 325.32 μmol mg-1 min-1
V max / K m 126.58 min-1
k cat 710.28 s-1
kca t/K m 276.37 mL mg-1 s-1