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Table 2 Effects of cations and chemical reagents on purified Tth xynB3 β-xylosidase activity

From: Biochemical properties of a novel thermostable and highly xylose-tolerant β-xylosidase/α-arabinosidase from Thermotoga thermarum

Cationsa Residual activity (%)
Control 100
Mg2+ 102/99
Zn2+ 85/33
Mn2+ 107/117
Ba2+ 99/187
Ca2+ 99/96
Al3+ 87/NDc
Cu2+ 4/2
Co2+ 89/ND
Ni2+ 100/63
Chemical reagentsb  
EDTA 103/114
Tween 60 105/ND
Tris 107/ND
SDS 98/ ND
  1. a Final concentration, the former value in the table was determined at 1 mM and the latter was determined at 10 mM. b Final concentration, the values in the table were determined at 1 mM (or 10 mM, the latter values), 0.05%, 0.05% and 0.1% for EDTA, Tween 60, Tris, and SDS, respectively. c ND: not determined. Values shown were the means of duplicate experiments, and the variations about the means were below 5%.