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Figure 4

From: Carbohydrate-binding modules (CBMs) revisited: reduced amount of water counterbalances the need for CBMs

Figure 4

Loss of activity of the main cellulase component, TrCel7A, when incubated at 45°C. The activity of the intact (blue) and core (red) TrCel7A was measured against 4-methylumbelliferyl-β-D-lactoside as a function of time during incubation in (A) 50 mM citrate buffer (no protecting compounds present) and (B) wheat straw extract (wheat straw fraction soluble in the citrate buffer). The total protein loading of intact enzyme mixtures was (A) 0.150 and 1.50 mg/ml including mannanase, and (B) 0.145 and 1.45 mg/ml excluding mannanase, referring to hydrolysis experiments with 1% and 10% substrate consistency, respectively. Of the core enzyme mixtures, the total protein loading was (A) 0.124 and 1.24 mg/ml including mannanase and (B) 0.120 and 1.20 mg/ml excluding mannanase, corresponding to hydrolysis experiments at 1% and 10% substrate consistency, respectively.

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