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Table 1 Sample groups of Arabidopsis thaliana used in study

From: Plant cell wall profiling by fast maximum likelihood reconstruction (FMLR) and region-of-interest (ROI) segmentation of solution-state 2D 1H–13C NMR spectra

Gene Sample groups(s) # replicates WT-eff
pal1 pal1-2, pal1-3 10 (5,5) X
pal2 pal2-2, pal2-3 10 (5,5) X
c4h c4h-2 , c4h-3 6 (1,5)  
4cl1 4cl1-1, 4cl1-2 10 (5,5)  
4cl2 4cl2-1, 4cl2-2 10 (5,5) X
ccoaomt1 ccoaomt1-3, ccoaomt1-5 11 (6,5)  
ccr1 ccr1-3, ccr1-6 7 (3,4)  
f5h1 f5h1-2, f5h1-4 10 (5,5)  
comt comt-1, comt-4 10 (5,5)  
cad6 cad6-1, cad6-4 10 (5,5) X
  1. The table lists the ten genes [24] involved in the study and the associated sample groups. The two mutant alleles associated with the same gene were consolidated into a single sample group for the purposes of this study. This consolidation was justified in terms of a calculated t-test value between the two groups that was less than 3 for each normalized %S, %G, and %H value. The designation of “WT-eff” refers to a sample group whose percentage S, G, and H values are not statistically different from those of the wild-type group.