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Figure 1

From: Novel monosaccharide fermentation products in Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus identified using NMR spectroscopy

Figure 1

Spectra illustrating selected identified compounds in cell extracts and supernatants. Black line represents extract spectral line, red represents supernatant spectral line. Panel A (mannose substrate) shows peak for hydroxyacetone (singlet at 4.368ppm, not in Chenomx database) present in supernatant (red) and not in extract (black). Panel B (L-arabinose substrate) shows methyl doublet for acetoin (1.368 ppm) present in supernatant (red) but not cell extract (black). Panel C (D-arabinose substrate) shows ethylene glycol present in both supernatant (red) and extract (black), and Panel D (L-fucose substrate) shows propylene glycol present in both supernatant (red) and extract (black).

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