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Figure 2

From: Novel monosaccharide fermentation products in Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus identified using NMR spectroscopy

Figure 2

Spectra illustrating identification and confirmation of ethylene glycol in cultures utilizing D-arabinose as substrate. In both panels, the black line indicates the original experimental data, the red line indicates the sum of the fits of individual spectral components (arabinose and ethylene glycol) identified by Chenomx, and the green line indicates the difference spectrum of the experimental and sum-fit spectra. Panel A shows the spectrum of the uninoculated media with (black line) and without (unshaded blue line) ethylene glycol, and the shaded blue area represents the fit of the ethylene glycol peak after addition to media; the inset shows 2-D HSQC confirming the peak assignments. Panel B shows ethylene glycol present in the culture supernatant of C. saccharolyticus grown on D-arabinose using the same color scheme, absent the uninoculated media spectrum used in panel A; the inset shows the 2-D HSQC spectrum.

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