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Figure 3

From: Novel monosaccharide fermentation products in Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus identified using NMR spectroscopy

Figure 3

HPLC analysis of ethylene glycol in culture media and ethylene glycol production in different growth phases. Panel A: a representative chromatogram of medium composition obtained from the C. saccharolyticus DSM 8903 strain grown in BA medium supplemented with 10 g/L D-arabinose. D-arabinose was eluted at 10.70 min, lactate at 12.77 min, glycerol at 13.69 min, acetate at 14.81 min, ethylene glycol at 16.25 min, and ethanol at 21.50 min. Panel B: BA medium supplemented with 10 g/L D-arabinose. Panel C: C. saccharolyticus produces the highest concentrations of ethylene glycol during the late log phase. Values for ethylene glycol concentrations in culture media are from three independent experiments (n=3). Error bars represent standard deviations from the means.

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