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Table 2 Single nucleotide variation identified in the evolved strains IMS0344 and IMS0351 by whole-genome resequencing

From: Genome-scale analyses of butanol tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveal an essential role of protein degradation

Strain Mutated allele Nucleotide change Amino acid change
IMS0344 rpn4-1 G1518C K506N
  rtg1-1 A235G K79E
  ssk2-1 C3974A P1325Q
  ubr1-1 A3194G E1065G
IMS0351 rpn4-2 C1546T Q516*
  rtg1-2 C256A L86I
  nma111-2 C545A S182*
  ubr1-2 C2129A S710*
  sto1-2 T2543G F736V
  rpl10-2 change from G to C 296 bp upstream of RPL10, ——————
  stt4-2 change from T to C 984 bp upstream of SST4. ——————
  1. * denotes the introduction of an early stop codon.