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Table 1 Features of samples and corresponding biogas reactor systems analyzed in this study

From: Detailed analysis of metagenome datasets obtained from biogas-producing microbial communities residing in biogas reactors does not indicate the presence of putative pathogenic microorganisms

Dataset Experimental setup Analyzed sample Reactor temperature Supplied substrate Reference
B55 Two-phase reactor system Biofilm from the anaerobic filter reactor 55°C Rye silage, straw [19]
S55, S65, S70 Two-phase reactor system Digestate from the hydrolysis reactor 55°C, 65°C, 70°C Rye silage, straw [19]
G5, G30 Batch reactor system Day 5 and day 30 of fermentation 37°C Straw, hay [20]
U1 Agricultural biogas plant, CSTRa Fermentation sample 41°C Maize silage, green rye, chicken manure [21]
  1. a continuously stirred tank reactor.