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Table 5 Selected protein families (Pfam) used for the identification of corresponding metagenomic sequences

From: Detailed analysis of metagenome datasets obtained from biogas-producing microbial communities residing in biogas reactors does not indicate the presence of putative pathogenic microorganisms

Pfam accession Pfam name
PF00161 Ribosome inactivating protein
PF01123 Staphylococcal/Streptococcal toxin
PF01375 Heat-labile enterotoxin alpha chain
PF01376 Heat-labile enterotoxin beta chain
PF01742 Clostridial neurotoxin zinc protease
PF02048 Heat-stable enterotoxin
PF02258 Shiga-like toxin beta subunit family
PF02876 Staphylococcal/Streptococcal toxin
PF03278 IpaB/EvcA family
PF03318 Clostridium epsilon toxin ETX/Bacillus mosquitocidal toxin MTX2
PF03496 ADP-ribosyltransferase exoenzyme
PF03495 Clostridial binary toxin B/anthrax toxin PA
PF03505 Clostridium enterotoxins
PF05105 Holin family
PF05588 Clostridium botulinum HA-17 protein
PF05833 Fibronectin-binding protein A N-terminus
PF05946 Toxin-coregulated pilus subunit TcpA
PF06340 Vibrio cholerae toxin co-regulated pilus biosynthesis protein F
PF06511 Invasion plasmid antigen
PF07212 Hyaluronidase protein
PF07373 CAMP factor
PF07906 ShET2 enterotoxin, N-terminal region
PF07951 Clostridium neurotoxin, C-terminal receptor binding
PF07952 Clostridium neurotoxin, Translocation domain
PF07953 Clostridium neurotoxin, N-terminal receptor binding
PF07968 Leukocidin/Hemolysin toxin family
PF08090 Heat stable E. coli enterotoxin 1
PF08470 Nontoxic nonhaemagglutinin C-terminal
PF09052 Salmonella invasion protein A
PF09599 Salmonella-Shigella invasin protein C
PF10671 Toxin co-regulated pilus biosynthesis protein Q
PF12918 TcdB toxin N-terminal helical domain
PF12919 TcdA/TcdB catalytic glycosyltransferase domain
PF12920 TcdA/TcdB pore forming domain