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Figure 13

From: Novel 1H low field nuclear magnetic resonance applications for the field of biodiesel

Figure 13

Identification of unwanted residues in biodiesel samples using chemometrics. Transverse relaxation data of the 6 biodiesels; samples collected throughout the monitoring experiment at 3, 6, 12 and 30 min; and mixture samples of rapeseed biodiesel with water or methanol (BIO+H2O1/2 and BIO+MeOH1/2 consist of 3.33% and 6.66% v/v water or methanol in rapeseed biodiesel respectively) are shown in a PC 2 score line plot. The PC 2 scale of the plot was enlarged, in order to focus on the area of interest, therefore the castor biodiesel sample is not shown. The rapeseed biodiesel is marked to easily estimate biodiesel samples with higher or lower viscosities.

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