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Figure 6

From: Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for high-specificity production of isoprenol and prenol as next generation of biofuels

Figure 6

Characterization of isopentenol production of two best-performed strains YY159 and YY168. YY159, expressing pyrophosphatase BsNudF and the whole MVA pathway except IDI1; YY168, expressing pyrophosphatase EcNudF and the whole MVA pathway. YY159 produced a single isoprenol, while YY168 produced a major prenol. a, the isoprenol titer and growth curve of YY159; b, the isopentenol titers and growth curve of YY168; c, the isoprenol yield of YY159; d, the isopentenol yield of YY168.

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