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Table 1 Nomenclature of cellulolytic enzymes in N. crassa and T. reesei

From: Using a model filamentous fungus to unravel mechanisms of lignocellulose deconstruction

Function N. crassa a T. reesei b CAZy familyc
Cellobiohydrolase CBH-1 CBH1/CEL7A GH7
Cellobiohydrolase GH6-2 CBH2/CEL6 GH6
Endoglucanase GH5-1 EG2/CEL5A GH5
Endoglucanase GH7-1 EG1/CEL7B GH7
Endoglucanase GH6-3 ND GH6
β-glucosidase GH3-4 BGL1/CEL3A GH3
Lactonase CDH-1 ND CBM1
Polysaccharide monooxygenase GH61-1 ND GH61
Polysaccharide monooxygenase GH61-2 ND GH61
Polysaccharide monooxygenase GH61-5 ND GH61
  1. ND: No significant homolog found in organism; aFrom Neurospora crassa e-Compendium:, bFrom T. reesei genome database:, cCantarel et al., [31].