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Table 2 Number of days to flowering (DTF) and fresh leaf weight (FLW; kg ± SEM; n = 3) at mature plant stage in transplastomic high-biomass tobacco T 1 plants (cv. I64) expressing different xylanases from CEC4 and CEC5

From: Optimization of transplastomic production of hemicellulases in tobacco: effects of expression cassette configuration and tobacco cultivar used as production platform on recombinant protein yields

  CEC4 CEC5  
  XynA Xyn10A Xyn11B Xyn10A Xyn11B WT
DTF 109 107 103 104 108 99
FLW 0.551a±0.03 0.553a±0.02 0.632a±0.05 0.551a±0.05 0.563a±0.03 0.571a±0.04
Xylanase* 29.3±3.55 8.8±2.87 719.0±68.37 401.5±37.37 302.1±60.36 -
  1. a - Values connected by the same superscript letter are not significantly different (p≤0.05).
  2. * Extrapolated amount of recombinant xylanases (mg) produced in one plant.