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Table 1 List of mutations in engineered Dieselzymes

From: Dieselzymes: development of a stable and methanol tolerant lipase for biodiesel production by directed evolution

Construct Mutations present
Dieselzyme 1 G181C/S238C*
Dieselzyme 2 G181C/S238C/K208N/L64I/A70T/F225L/Q277L
Dieselzyme 3 G181C/S238C/K208N/L64I/A70T/F225L/Q277L/G202E/G266S/D270N/N17S#
Dieselzyme 4 G181C/S238C/K208N/L64I/A70T/F225L/Q277L/G202E/G266S/D270N/N17S/I255F/R33T
  1. Mutations in bold indicate the new mutations that were identified in each round of directed evolution. The additive effect of mutations was analyzed by combining mutations through site-directed mutagenesis. Only the final mutant from each round is shown. * - Construct used as parent for the initial round of directed evolution. # - N17S mutation arose spontaneously while combining the G202E, G266S, and D270N mutations.