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Table 2 Phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of fosmid clones described in this study

From: Mining for hemicellulases in the fungus-growing termite Pseudacanthotermes militaris using functional metagenomics

Fosmid Phenotype Library CAZY annotations Taxonomic assignment
A3 Xyl (++) A GH1;GH43;CE4 Clostridiales
A9 Xyl (++) A GH3 Enterobacteriaceæ
B9 Xyl (++) A GH3 Firmicutes
G7 Abf (++) A GH51 Bacteroides
G12 Abf (++) A GH51; GH97; GH43; GH43; Bacteroides
H8 Abf (++) C GT84-GH94;GH51; GH51 Clostridiales
D2 Xyl/Abf (++) A GH3; GH3 ND
F3 Xyl/Abf (++) A GH43 Clostridiales
D3 Xyl/Abf (++) A GH99;GH97;CE1;GH3 Bacteroidales
A4 Xyl/Abf A CE1 ND
A10 Xyl/Abf A GH99;GH97;CE1 (x2);GH3 Allistipes
Xyn3 Xyn A GH115 ; GH10 ; CE1 ; GH11 ; GH43; GH10-CBM4-GH10 Bacteroidales
  1. Library abbreviations are A, abdomen and C, comb. Enzyme abbreviations are Abf, α-l-arabinofuranosidase; Xyl, β-d-xylosidase; Xyn, endo-β-d-xylanase. Activities expressed by fosmids were classed as either weak, medium (+) or strong (++). ND, not determined.