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Table 5 Activities of recombinant enzymes on sugar beet arabinan

From: Mining for hemicellulases in the fungus-growing termite Pseudacanthotermes militaris using functional metagenomics

Enzyme (contig accession number) Activity U/mg protein
  Linear arabinana Branched arabinanb
GH43a (G12) (HF548278) 2.92± 0.07 ND
GH43b (G12) (HF548278) 2.55± 0.26 4.45± 0.07
  1. a, linear α-1,5-linked polymer; b, branched polymer displaying α-1,5 linkages (main-chain) and α-1,2 and/or 1,3-linked (side-chain substitutions). ND, non detected.