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Table 2 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Overcoming restriction as a barrier to DNA transformation in Caldicellulosiruptor species results in efficient marker replacement

Strains or plasmid Strain and genotype/phenotype Source
C. bescii DSM6725 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
C.hydrothermalis DSM18901 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
C. kristjansonii DSM12137 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
C. saccharolyticus DSM8903 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
C. obsidiansis ATCC BAA-2073 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
C. lactoaceticus DSM9545 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
C. kronotskyensis DSM12137 Wild type / (ura+/5-FOAS) DSMZ1
JWCB005 C. bescii ΔpyrFA / (ura-/5-FOAR) [13]
JWCB018 C. bescii ΔpyrFA ΔcbeI / (ura-/5-FOAR) This study
JWCH003 C. hydrothermalis IScahyI insertion mutation in pryF gene / (ura-/5-FOAR) [13, 36]
JWCH005 JWCH003 transformed with M.CbeI methylated pDCW89 / (ura+/5-FOAS) [13]
Escherichia coli   
JW291 DH5α containing pDCW88 (ApramycinR) This study
JW292 DH5α containing pDCW89 (ApramycinR) [13]
pDCW88 cbeI kcock-out vector (ApramycinR) This study
pDCW89 E. coli/Caldicellulosiruptor species shuttle vector (ApramycinR) [13]
  1. 1German collection of microorganisms and cell cultures.