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Table 1 The eleven NPKs that demonstrated reduced growth on AVICEL show a conserved theme in nutrient sensing and cell growth

From: Functional characterisation of the non-essential protein kinases and phosphatases regulating Aspergillus nidulans hydrolytic enzyme production

AspGD A. nidulans gene name Yeast best hit Function
AN0038 AtmA Tel1 Phospholipid metabolism, DNA damage, cell polarity, starvation
AN10485 Uncharacterised (CbkA) Cbk1 RAM signalling, regulates cell morphogenesis
AN0144 Uncharacterised (FpkA) Fpk1 Regulates endocytosis, sphingolipid synthesis
AN5666 MpkA Slt2 MAP kinase, germination, polarised growth
AN6305 PkaC Tpk2 Promotes growth in response to nutrition
AN6207 Uncharacterised (PkpA) Pkp1 Negative regulation of pyruvate dehydrogenase
AN10515 Uncharacterised (PrkA) Prk1 Actin filament organisation, endocytosis
AN5728 Uncharacterised (SakA) Sak1 Upstream activator of SNF1 complex
AN4238 SchA Sch9 cAMP signalling, role overlaps with Ras/PKA, regulated by TOR complex
AN7695 Uncharacterised (SnfA) Snf1 Required for transcription of glucose repressed genes
AN7104 Uncharacterised (YakA) Yak1 Inhibits growth in response to glucose, negatively regulated by Ras/PKA