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Figure 5

From: Transcriptome response to alkane biofuels in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: identification of efflux pumps involved in alkane tolerance

Figure 5

Growth of triple knock-out mutants expressing efflux pumps and their intracellular alkane levels under alkane exposure. The triple mutant BYL251K (yor1∆ snq2∆ pdr5∆) expressing Snq2p and Pdr5p, respectively, were grown in induction media without alkanes (A) or with 2% C10 or 5% C11 (B). OD600 values represent cell density. After 24 h exposure, intracellular C10 and C11 levels were measured by GC and normalized to the total protein amount and the internal standard C12 (C). Alkane amount in control cells was set as 1. Control, the triple mutant BYL251K with pYES2. Error bars represent standard derivations of at least three biological replicates. *, statistically significant difference (Student t-test, p < 0.05) compared to cells with pYES2.

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