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Table 1 Summary of specific gene knockout in Z. mobilis

From: Zymomonas mobilis: a novel platform for future biorefineries

Gene inactive Method Description References
Extracellular sucrase gene (sacC, ZMO0375) Insertional mutant Improves levan production [20]
Restriction-Modification Insertional mutant or Homologous recombination Increased transformation efficiency [21, 22]
(R-M) systems related gene (ZMO0028, ZMO1932, ZMO1933, ZMO1934, ZMO1935)
pdc (ZMO1360) Homologous recombination Lower ethanol and lactate yield, and higher succinate concentration from glucose [23]
adhB (ZMO1596)
him A (ZMO0976) Transposon mutagenesis Reduced himA activity and increased ethanol production compared to parental strains when cultured in a mixed-sugar medium containing xylose, especially in the presence of acetate [24, 25]
ndh (ZMO1113) Insertional mutant Low respiration rate, higher cell growth and ethanol yield under aerobic conditions [26, 27]
hfq (ZMO0347) pKNOCK suicide plasmid-based mutant construction More sensitive to multiple lignocellulosic pretreatment inhibitors and hasan increased lag phase duration and/or slower growth depending upon the conditions; and verified that hfq playsa role in tolerance to multiple biomass pretreatment inhibitors, including acetate, vanillin, furfural, and HMF [28]
nha A (ZMO0117) Insertional mutant Cell growth decreased under sodium acetate condition [29]
Xylose reductase (XR, ZMO0976) Homologous recombination Improvement of xylose utilization [30]
gfo (ZMO0689) Site-specific FLP recombinase Improves growth and ethanol production without formation of sorbitol as a by-product in sucrose medium, but yields opposite effects in high glucose [31]
gfo (ZMO0689) Homologous recombination (fusion-PCR-based construction technique) Reduction of cell growth and ethanol production under osmotic, heat and ethanol stresses [32]
cytC Insertional mutant Exhibsfilamentous shapes and reduction in growth under a shaking condition at a high temperature [33]
cytB (ZMO0957), ctdB (ZMO1572) Insertional mutant Low respiration capacity when cultivated anaerobically [34]
psp operon (ZMO1061-ZMO1065) Homologous recombination (fusion-PCR-based construction technique) Mutiple phenotypes Our laboratory, unpublished data
Mutant library Transposon mutagenesis Mutiple phenotypes Our laboratory, unpublished data