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Table 2 Genomics, transcriptome or gene expression in different Z. mobilis strains

From: Zymomonas mobilis: a novel platform for future biorefineries

Sequenced genomea
Z. mobilis strain Accsession number Description References
Size (Mb) Plasmids Protein
ZM4 (ATCC31821) NC_006526.2 2.06 5 1,738 [9]
NCIMB11163 NC_013355.1 2.22 3 1,884 [36]
ATCC 29191 NC_018145.1 2.01 3 1,709 [37]
ATCC 29192 NC_015709.1 2.06 2 1,748 [38]
ATCC 10988 NC_017262.1 2.14 6 1,803 [39]
ZM401 (ATCC 31822) Draft genome sequence 2.04 Not found 1,910 [40]
CP4 (NRRL B-14023) NC_022900.1 2.16 5 1,840 [41]
Transcriptome or gene expression
ZM4 (ATCC31821) GSE10302 Transcriptomic profiling of ZM4 during aerobic and anaerobic fermentations [42]
GSE37848 Expression profiling of ZM4 in response to furfural stress [43]
GSE39558 Transcriptomic profiling of ZM4 in response to ethanol stress [44]
GSE21165 Systems biology analysis of ZM4 ethanol stress responses [45]
GSE39466 Comparison of gene expression and mutant fitness in ZM4 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, unpublished data
GSE51870 Expression data for ZM4 growing in rich and minimal media, heat-shocked, or at high ethanol Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, unpublished data
ZM4 (AcR) GSE18106 Genome changes associated with Z. mobilis sodium acetate-tolerant mutant (AcR) [29]
RDM-4 strain of Z. mobilis GSE22355 Expression analysis of a respiration-deficient mutant of Z. mobilis ZM6 Faculty of Food and Nutrition, Beppu university
ZM401 Not deposited Genome-wide transcriptomic analysis of a flocculent strain of Z. mobilis ZM401 [46]
ZM4 (ATCC31821) GSE49620 Transcriptional responses of Z. mobilis to osmotic shock of high glucose concentration Unpublished data, performed by Sichuan University and Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture
  1. aDetailed information on genome projects of Z. mobilis canbe accessed at the NCBI Microbial Genomes Resources database: the Genomes OnLine Database at: