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Figure 2

From: Engineering a fungal peroxidase that degrades lignin at very acidic pH

Figure 2

Engineering the acidic-pH stable MnP6 from C. subvermispora by introducing a catalytic tryptophan (S168W variant) and changing the tryptophan environment (S168W-environment variant). The two variants were built by substituting Ser168 of C. subvermispora MnP6 (A) by a catalytic tryptophan to obtain the S168W variant (C) and engineering its environment as found in P. ostreatus VP1 (B) to obtain the S168W-environment variant (D). The mutated residues in C (Trp168) and D (Ser162, Trp168, Glu258, Met262, Lys268, Asn271, Arg272, and Gly275) are in italics. Based on MnP6 (4CZN) and VP1 (4BLK) crystal structures, and homology models of the S168W and S168W-environment variants.

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