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Figure 3

From: Engineering a fungal peroxidase that degrades lignin at very acidic pH

Figure 3

Details of surface environment of the catalytic tryptophan in P. ostreatus VP1 (A), P. chrysosporium LiP-H8 (B), and S168W-environment variant of C. subvermispora MnP6 (C), compared with the same region in the native C. subvermispora MnP6 (D). Solvent access surface shown as yellow, tryptophan residues (VP1, LiP-H8, and S168W-environment Trp164, Trp171, and Trp168, respectively) as magenta, and other residues as CPK-colored van der Waals spheres. The mutated residues in C are in italics. From 4BLK (A), 1LGA (B), 4CZN (D), and homology model of the SW168-environment variant based on 4BLK (C).

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