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Figure 1

From: Discovery and characterization of ionic liquid-tolerant thermophilic cellulases from a switchgrass-adapted microbial community

Figure 1

Plot of enzyme activity in the presence of 0 to 40% 1-ethyl-3 methylimidazolium acetate [C2mim][OAc] or an equal molarity of sodium acetate (NaOAc). Relative activity is based on activity in water (0% ionic liquid (IL) value). (A) Two IL-tolerant β-glucosidases and (B) two IL-tolerant endoglucanases were profiled. The pH was determined at each concentration of (C) [C2mim][OAc] and (D) NaOAc. Error bars represent one standard deviation (they are too small to be visualized on C and D).

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