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Figure 6

From: Improvement of cellulose catabolism in Clostridium cellulolyticum by sporulation abolishment and carbon alleviation

Figure 6

Flow cytometry data with fluorescent detector channel, FL1-A. In the cellobiose medium, left upper chart showed an obvious shift of pLyc017 transformants from negative control (NC) with fluorescence intensity, but not for pLyc027 transformants, corresponding to more than 10-fold fluorescent signal intensity increase in the middle upper chart for pLyc017 and only a slightly increase for pLyc027. In the cellulose medium, pLyc017 transformants showed an obviously shifted peak from NC, and pLyc027 transformants also showed a shifted peak (left lower chart). The data also demonstrated that the cipP promoter had different strength in cellobiose and cellulose media, and even with cellulose as the carbon source it was not as strong as the ferrodoxin promoter. The error bars of mean and median FL1-A values represent standard deviations of measurements from three replicate cultures.

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