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Table 1 Type and values of design options, variables and cost factors

From: Effects of production and market factors on ethanol profitability for an integrated first and second generation ethanol plant using the whole sugarcane as feedstock

Factors Alternatives
Design options  
Feedstock Bagasse {B}, bagasse with addition of leaves {B + L}
Pentose utilization Ethanol fermentation {C5 EtOH} Biogas production {C5 biogas}
Design variables  
EH residence time 48 hours {48 h}, 96 hours {96 h}
WIS loading in EH 10% {10% WIS}, 20% {20% WIS}, 30% {30% WIS}
Cost factors  
Enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency 100% {100% EHE}, 250% {250% EHE}
Electricity selling pricea 43, 87b, 140 US$/MWh
Wholesale ethanol pricea 0.3, 0.6c, 1.0 US$/L
Sugarcane cost 30, 65b, 100 US$/dry ton
Leaves cost 13, 26b, 39 US$/dry ton
  1. aProducer selling price of the commodity at the gate of the plant; bpersonal communication with experts from Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira, Piracicaba, Brazil; ccalculation based on data from CEPEA [56]. EH, enzymatic hydrolysis; EHE, enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency; WIS, water-insoluble solids.