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Table 5 Process data and yield assumptions

From: Effects of production and market factors on ethanol profitability for an integrated first and second generation ethanol plant using the whole sugarcane as feedstock

Parameter Value Unit
Sugarcane feedstock 165 dry ton/h
Leaves:bagasse ratio added to the process 50% dry weight
Steam pretreatment - sugar yield 95% of theoretical
Steam pretreatment - residence time 5 minutes
Enzymatic hydrolysis - release of sugars 95% of theoretical
Ethanol fermentation - yield from hexoses and pentoses 95% of theoretical
Ethanol fermentation - residence time 8.2 hours
Solid/liquid separation - yield 95% of theoretical
Methane yield from sugars, alcohols and organic acids 95% of theoretical
COD converted to biogas 95% of theoretical
COD conversion rate 1.0 gCOD/L/h
Ethanol titer after distillation and dehydration 99.5% weight
Boiler pressure 90 bar
Boiler temperature 530 °C
  1. COD, chemical oxygen demand.