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Figure 2

From: Hydrogen peroxide-independent production of α-alkenes by OleTJE P450 fatty acid decarboxylase

Figure 2

Gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy analysis of decarboxylation reactions (10 min) catalyzed by OleT JE or OleT JE -RhFRED under different reaction systems. (A) OleTJE + H2O2; (B) OleTJE + NADPH; (C) OleTJE-RhFRED + NADPH; (D) OleTJE-RhFRED + H2O2;(E) OleTJE-RhFRED + NADPH + H2O2;(F) OleTJE-RhFRED in absence of NADPH; (G) authentic standards of 1-undecene (U) lauric acid (LA) and heptadecanoic acid (IS: internal standard).

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