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Figure 5

From: Hydrogen peroxide-independent production of α-alkenes by OleTJE P450 fatty acid decarboxylase

Figure 5

Production of α -alkenes by heterologous expression of OleT JE or OleT JE -RhFRED in fatty acid-overproducing Escherichia coli strains. (A) Production of α-alkenes by OleTJE and OleTJE-RhFRED in two fatty acid-overproducing E. coli strains. The line chart denotes the alkene productivity. (B) The α-alkene production and fatty acid conversion profiles of strain YL7 in the defined mineral medium. The histograms demonstrate the titer of each detected α-alkene titers. The line chart demonstrates the conversion ratio of corresponding fatty acids. FFA, free fatty acid.

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