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Table 3 Phosphorus content of samples treated or untreated with methanol

From: Combining phospholipases and a liquid lipase for one-step biodiesel production using crude oils

Condition Without MeOH With MeOH
Raw oila 64 575
ADb <5 18
AD + PLA1c <5 5
AD + PLCc <5 7
AD + PLA1 + PLCc <5 <5
AD + PLA1 + LLPL-2c <5 14
  1. aSoybean oil with approximately 900 ppm P; bAD batch where only the acid degumming step followed by caustic neutralization was performed; ccomplete degumming: acid treatment, caustic neutralization, and enzymatic reactions with different phospholipases. Phosphorus content expressed in ppm. AD, acid degumming; PLA1, phospholipase A1; PLC, phospholipase C; LLPL-2, lyso-phospholipase.