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Figure 4

From: Gene silencing of Sugar-dependent 1 (JcSDP1), encoding a patatin-domain triacylglycerol lipase, enhances seed oil accumulation in Jatropha curcas

Figure 4

JcSDP1 promoter and its expression analysis in ProJcSDP1:GUS transgenic plants. (A) Composition of putative cis elements in JcSDP1 promoter. (B) Transient ProJcSDP1:GUS expression in Jatropha fruit and leaf. (C) Heterologous expressions of ProJcSDP1:GUS in transgenic Arabidopsis plants: (a) 14-day-old seedling, (b, c) inflorescence, (d, e) rosette leaf, (f) siliques, (g) seeds at different developing stages, (h) young seeds (3 to 4 DAP, globular-stage embryo), (i) mid-stage seeds (9 to 10 DAP, mature green embryo). DAP, days after pollination. (D) Sugar-dependent expression of ProJcSDP1:GUS transgenic plants (14?=?day-old seedling). Different sugar sources (1% or 3% fructose, glucose, or sucrose) were used, and mannitol was used as a control for osmotic stress. (E) JcSDP1 gene expression profile using real-time quantitative PCR at different seed development stages (S1, 1 WAF; S2. 2 to 3 WAF; S3; 4 to 6 WAF; and S4; 7 to 8 WAF) JcTubulin expression levels were used as an internal control. Values are given as mean?±?SD (n?=?3). WAF, weeks after fertilization.

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