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Table 5 A. nidulans and S. cerevisiae strains used in this work

From: Functional characterization of a xylose transporter in Aspergillus nidulans

Strain Genotype References
A. nidulans   
TNO2a3 pyrG89;pyroA4; Δnku70::argB Reference [31]
R21 yA1 pabaA1 Reference [32]
ΔxlnR pabaA1;FwA1;uaY9;pyrG89;ΔxlnR::pyr4 Reference [33]
ΔcreA4 pantoB100;creΔ4;ua211 Reference [34]
creAd30 creA30; biA1; wA3 Reference [35]
ΔAN0250 pyrG89; pyroA4; Δnku70::argB ΔxtrD::pyrG This work
ΔAN6412 pyrG89; pyroA4; Δnku70::argB; ΔxtrA::pyrG This work
ΔAN3264 pyrG89; pyroA4; Δnku70::argB; ΔxtrB::pyrG This work
ΔAN2358 pyrG89; pyroA4; Δnku70::argB; ΔxtrC::pyrG This work
ΔAN4148 pyrG89; pyroA4; Δnku70::argB; xtrE::pyrG This work
XtrD::GFP pyrG89; pyroA4; Δnku70::argB; XtrD::GFP::pyrG This work
S. cerevisiae   
EBYVW4000 CEN.PK2-1C hxt13Δ::loxP; hxt15ΔloxP; hxt16Δ::loxP; hxt14Δ::loxP; hxt12Δ::loxP; hxt9Δ::loxP; hxt11Δ::loxP; hxt8Δ::loxP; hx10Δ::loxP; hxt514Δ::loxP; hxt2Δ::loxP; hxt367Δ::loxP; gal2Δ stl1Δ::loxP; agt1s::loxP; ydl247wΔ::loxP; yjr160Δ::loxP Reference [21]
EBI + XrtD:: GFP EBYVW4000 pRH195 XtrD::GFP This work
EBI + pRH274 + pRH195m EBYVW4000 pRH195 xtrD pRH274 This work
EBI + pRH195 EBYVW4000 pRH195 This work
EBI + pRH274 + pRH195 EBYVW4000 pRH195 pRH274 This work
Clone 16 EBYVW4000 pRH195m pRH274 mutated This work
Clone 22 EBYVW4000 pRH195m pRH274 mutated This work
Clone 28 EBYVW4000 pRH195m pRH274 mutated This work
Clone 31 EBYVW4000 pRH195m pRH274 mutated This work