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Figure 2

From: Effect of mechanical disruption on the effectiveness of three reactors used for dilute acid pretreatment of corn stover Part 2: morphological and structural substrate analysis

Figure 2

CSLM micrographs show cellular-scale evidence of biomass deconstruction. (a) Control, (b) ZC, (c) SG, and (d) HS. The ZC samples have generally thicker cell walls with only limited evidence of delamination and disruptions (b). The SG samples display extensive dislocation of individual cells indicating that the middle lamella layers have been removed and the cells have been forced apart (c, arrow). The HS reactor samples also exhibit extensive dislocation, but in addition display cell wall delamination and fragmentation. Bar = 50 μm. CSLM, confocal scanning laser microscopy; HS, horizontal screw; SG, steam gun; ZC, ZipperClave®.

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