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Figure 4

From: Combined substrate, enzyme and yeast feed in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation allow bioethanol production from pretreated spruce biomass at high solids loadings

Figure 4

Comparison of colony forming units (CFU) during the batch and fed-batch SSF using non-washed solids as substrate. CFU (triangles) during batch SSF (dashed-dotted lines), fed-batch SSF with substrate and enzyme feed (dashed lines), fed-batch SSF with yeast and substrate feed (dotted lines) and fed-batch SSF with yeast, enzymes and substrate feed (solid lines). The graph represents the mean of two biological replicates and two technical replicates with error bars indicating standard deviation. The total WIS, enzyme loading and yeast loading were 20% (w/w), 7.5 FPU gWIS-1 and 5 g L-1, respectively, in all the experiments.

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