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Table 1 Composition of spruce slurry and non-washed solids used in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF)

From: Combined substrate, enzyme and yeast feed in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation allow bioethanol production from pretreated spruce biomass at high solids loadings

Components Concentration when slurry was used, g kg-1* Concentration when non-washed solids were used, g kg-1*
WIS 200 200
Glucan 106 106
Glucose 24.8 14.5
Mannose 24.6 14.4
Galactose 4.9 2.9
Xylose 11.9 6.9
HMF 2.8 1.7
Furfural 2.3 1.3
Acetic acid 5.7 3.3
  1. *Concentrations correspond to a total water insoluble solids (WIS) content of 20% (w/w) in SSF with a total working weight of 1.5 kg. HMF, 5-hydroxy-methyl furfural.