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Figure 5

From: Comparison of enzymatic reactivity of corn stover solids prepared by dilute acid, AFEX™, and ionic liquid pretreatments

Figure 5

Soluble glucooligomers (DP >3) and xylooligomers as a percentage of the total glucose and xylose in solution following 72 hours of hydrolysis at enzyme loadings of 3, 6, 12, and 30 mg/g glucan in raw biomass for Avicel, RAC, and beechwood xylan and DA, AFEX, and IL pretreated corn stover solids. (A) Glucooligomers and (B) xylooligomers. AFEX, ammonia fiber expansion; DA, dilute sulfuric acid; DP, degree of polymerization; IL, ionic liquid; RAC, regenerated amorphous cellulose.

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