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Table 5 Glucan recovery in solids following pretreatment and enzyme loadings for hydrolysis of pretreated solids based on glucan content in raw corn stover

From: Comparison of enzymatic reactivity of corn stover solids prepared by dilute acid, AFEX™, and ionic liquid pretreatments

Pretreatment Glucan yield (%) Enzyme loading (mg protein/g glucan in raw) Enzyme loading (mg/g glucan in pretreated)
Dilute acid 87 30 34
AFEX 100 30
Ionic liquid 90   33
  1. Glucan yield in solids = Glucan in pretreated biomass (g)/ Glucan in the starting material (g).
  2. Enzyme loading per g glucan in pretreated biomass = Enzyme loading per g glucan in raw/ glucan yield in solids.