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Table 2 Composition of solid and liquid fractions of the pretreated materials

From: Effects of agitation on particle-size distribution and enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated spruce and giant reed

Spruce solids % of WIS Spruce liquid g/L Giant reed solids % of WIS
Glucan 53.8 Glucose 32.4 Glucan 53.8
Mannan nd Mannose 40.0 Mannan nd
Galactan nd Xylose 15.5 Galactan nd
Xylan nd    Xylan 9.6
Arabinan nd    Arabinan nd
Lignin 43.3    Lignin 31.3
  1. The WIS content of giant reed and spruce were determined to be 28% and 17% (wt/wt) respectively. (nd, not detected, below the sensitivity of the instrument). WIS, water-insoluble solids.