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Table 3 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Genome-wide RNAi screen reveals the E3 SUMO-protein ligase gene SIZ1 as a novel determinant of furfural tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Strains or plasmids Characteristics Reference or source
S. cerevisiae   
BY4741 MATa his3Δ0 leu2Δ0 met15Δ0 ura3Δ0 [47]
BAD BY4741/δ::TEF1p-ago1-TPI1p-dcr1 This study
BAD-P BAD/pRS416-TTrcx This study
SIZ1-kd BAD/pRS416-TTrcx-siz1 This study
GCN4-kd BAD/pRS416-TTrcx-gcn4 This study
siz1Δ BAD/siz1Δ::leu2 This study
siz1Δ-P siz1Δ/pRS416e This study
siz1Δ-SIZ1 siz1Δ/pRS416e-siz1 This study
gcn4Δ BAD/gcn4Δ::leu2 This study
siz2Δ BAD/siz2Δ::leu2 This study
mms21Δ BAD/siz1Δ::leu2 This study
cst9Δ BAD/cst9Δ::leu2 This study
BAD-YKL071W BAD/pRS416e-ykl071w This study
BAD-ZWF1 BAD/pRS416e-zwf1 This study
BAD-MSN2 BAD/pRS416e-msn2 This study
BAD-ALD6 BAD/pRS416e-ald6 This study
BAD-ADH7 BAD/pRS416e-adh7 This study
BAD-ARI1 BAD/pRS416e-ari1 This study
siz1Δ-GCN4-kd siz1Δ/pRS416-TTrcx-gcn4 This study
HZ848 MATα, ade2-1, Δura3, his3-11, 15, trp1-1, leu2-3, 112, and can1-100 [23]
HZ848-siz1Δ HZ848/siz1Δ::ura3 This study
W303a MATa; ura3-1; trp1Δ 2; leu2-3,112; his3-11,15; ade2-1; can1-100 [24]
W303a-siz1Δ W303a/siz1Δ::hygromycin B This study
E. coli   
DH5α General cloning host Takara
WM1788 Cloning host Provided by Professor William Metcalf
pRS416 Yeast centromere with URA3 marker [48]
pRS425-TEF1p-PmeI-PGK1t Yeast gene expression vector [19]
pRS416e Derived from pRS416, with TEF1 promoter and PGK1 terminator added This study
pRS-delta-KanMX-LoxP-TEF1p-AGO1-PGK1t-TPI1p-DCR1-GPD1t Helper plasmid for integration of S. castellii RNAi pathway into delta-site [19]
pRS416-TTrc Derived from pRS416, with convergent promoters to produce dsRNA [19]
pRS416-TTrcx Derived from pRS416-TTrc, with XhoI restriction recognition sequence instead of BamHI This study
pRS416-TTrcx-siz1 Derived from pRS416-TTrcx, with gene SIZ1 fragment added This study
pRS416-TTrcx-gcn4 Derived from pRS416-TTrcx, with gene GCN4 fragment added This study
pRS415 Yeast centromere with LEU2 marker [48]
pUG6 The loxP-KanMX-loxP disruption module Euroscarf
pUG72 The loxP-URA3-loxP disruption module Euroscarf
pLHCX Template for amplification of hygromycin B resistance gene Clontech
pXZ5 Derived from pUG72, with hygromycin B resistance gene expression cassette instead of ura3 This study
pRS416e-siz1 Derived from pRS416e, with SIZ1 gene cassette added This study
pRS416e-ykl071w Derived from pRS416e, with YKL071W gene cassette added This study
pRS416e-zwf1 Derived from pRS416e, with ZWF1 gene cassette added This study
pRS416e-msn2 Derived from pRS416e, with MSN2 gene cassette added This study
pRS416e-ald6 Derived from pRS416e, with ALD6 gene cassette added This study
pRS416e-adh7 Derived from pRS416e, with ADH7 gene cassette added This study
pRS416e-ari1 Derived from pRS416e, with ARI1 gene cassette added This study