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Table 1 Cellulose hydrolysis activities of C. thermocellum strains

From: The contribution of cellulosomal scaffoldins to cellulose hydrolysis by Clostridium thermocellum analyzed by using thermotargetrons

C. thermocellum strains V max (mM glucose equivalent per h/%) t max (h/fold)
WT (DSM1313)* 2.84/100 26/1.00
CipA-ΔXDocII 2.58/91 41/1.58
CipA-Δ6CohI 1.54/54 81/3.16
CipA-ΔCBM-1 0.31/11 115/4.42
CipA-ΔCBM-2 0.22/8 206/7.92
ΔSdbA 2.44/86 26/1.00
ΔOrf2p 2.31/81 28/1.08
ΔOlpB 2.19/77 40/1.54
Δ7CohII 2.14/75 36/1.38
  1. *V max and t max of the WT strain are set as 100% and one fold, respectively. The curve-fitting parameters are listed in Additional file 10.
  2. The targetron in CipA-ΔCBM-2 inserts at the very end of the second CohI module of CipA, possibly affecting the function of this module and resulting in lower V max and longer t max values compared with CipA-ΔCBM-1.