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Figure 3

From: Improved production of fatty alcohols in cyanobacteria by metabolic engineering

Figure 3

GC-MS analysis of alkanes, fatty alcohols and free fatty acids in wild-type Synechocystis and Syn-FQ52D08. Peaks: (1) palmitic acid; (2) palmitoleic acid; (3) heptadecanoic acid; (4) stearic acid; (5) oleic acid; (6) linoleic acid; (7) linolenic acid. Eicosane, pentadecanol, and heptadecanoic acid were used as internal standards for the analysis of alkanes, fatty alcohols, and free fatty acids respectively. 6803WT: the wild-type strain of Synechocystis; Syn-FQ52D08: the strain with deletion of sll0208 and expression of maqu_2220.

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