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Table 6 Total released sugars after pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis

From: Ensiling and hydrothermal pretreatment of grass: consequences for enzymatic biomass conversion and total monosaccharide yields

Biomass Grass Grass silage
  (w/w)% of DM (w/w)% of DM
HTT temperature 170 180 190 170 180 190
Total released sugars 29.5c ± 0.78 39.2b ± 0.61 53.3a ± 0.62 29.6c ± 1.75 39.8b ± 1.03 40.5b ± 0.72
  1. HTT temperature presented as °C. Numbers are presented as weight percentages of DM in the raw grass, followed by standard deviations (a,b,c,d). Different superscript values a,b,c,d indicate significantly different values (P <0.05) row-wise. DM, dry matter; HTT, hydrothermal treatment.