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Figure 4

From: Inference of phenotype-defining functional modules of protein families for microbial plant biomass degraders

Figure 4

Co-occurrences of the M5 protein families with GH6 and GH48 across known degraders and non-degraders. Twoheat maps display the combined co-occurrence profiles for the M5 protein families and two additional cellulases, GH6 and GH48, across the known sets of the phenotype-positive and phenotype-negative genomes, respectively. GH6 and GH48 were not assigned into the plant biomass degradation module M5; in the case of GH48, this was only because of our strict cutoff criteria. However, GH48 was weakly associated with M5, and belonged to the top 50 families of the majority of M5 modules that were used to construct the consensus module. The colors of the heat map cells represent the number of instances of each family in the respective genomes of the organisms (see legends and note that the counted number of instances was limited to a maximum of 10 per genome, as described in Methods). The phylogenetic relationships of the genomes are indicated by dendrograms alongside the rows of the heat maps.

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